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In honour of Earth Day this weekend 🌍✨⭐️🌻🐢

Turtle Spirit Bracelet 🌈🐢

These beautiful ocean blue turtle bracelets were handcrafted here at Sacred Realm 🩵🍃 call upon the waters when you need to get back in alignment with the universe. The wise turtle will guide you in the right direction at the right time. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to stay in alignment with the universe, you will always feel better that way. Sometimes we can get off track and loose focus which is totally normal but coming back to self in alignment is always important once you need to come back. It’s beautiful to day dream & wander but always come back to self 🫶🏼🪼🐬🐠

Love you earth. EB & FLOW 🌊🦋🌊🦋🌊

Bracelet Crystals: Peach Moonstone, Fluorite, Cats eye, Apatite

Available Instore & Online $25

Peach Moonstone: helps you loosen the grip, everything will work out as it should, what’s meant for you will be, as this stone is connected to divine feminine energy where we can allow the universe to take the wheel.

Fluorite: clears your head from any negative thought patterns & brings awareness and wisdom like the turtle

Cats eye: heals your heart of heavy emotions to make space for happy times, joy & relaxation

Apatite: gives you the power of manifesting & the cleansing feeling of being in the ocean. Where the turtles swim

Turtle spirit bracelet

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