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♐️Welcome to Sagittarius Season ♐️

Write your favourite thing about being a Sagittarius in the comments below 🔥✨

During Sagittarius season, we are pushed to get out of our comfort zone! As Sagittarius is always living a wild life, they teach us to embrace change and be open to receiving what the universe has to offer you! Being a fire sign, we have chosen some crystals that embrace your fire, wild & charismatic energy that you bring to the world 🔥✨


Sagittarius Season Crystals ✨

Crystals to honour the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac. Formed specially with your energetic selves in mind. Ruled by the planet Jupiter you are filled creative energy. These crystals can help you connect

with that & balance a Sagittarius powerful fire energy ♐️

Sagittarius stone bundle

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