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✨☘️💚Abundance Stardust💰💚✨

Created with crystals chosen specifically for their energetic power to help you manifest your Dreams✨

Certain Crystals can help manifest the energy you need to achieve your financial goals. ✨ These crystals are said to have the most powerful energy to generate financial abundance. Abundance comes in many forms, not just financial ✨ Use this stardust to manifest luck in your life or as an energetic amplifier to dreams you currently have.

Crystal Stardust May Include the following :

Crystal Bracelet ✨

Green Aventurine Pendant 💚

Goodluck charms ☘️🦁🐘

Moss Agate moons 🌙

Mini Crystal Hearts 💚

Garnet 💰

Emerald 💰

Peridot 💰

Green Apatite 💚

Pyrite 💰

Green Aventurine ✨

Moss agate ⚡️

Jade 💰

Green Strawberry Quartz ☀️

Citrine 💰

Amazonite ☀️

Golden & Blue Tiger eye chips 💫

Golden Orbs ☀️

Green Aventurine mini spheres 🌏

Sticker 🦋

Abundance Stardust

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