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✨Wand of Gemini✨

✧ Includes Gemini Stone • Citrine


A burn wand to honour the 3rd astrological sign of the zodiac. The Wand of ♊️  was formed specially with your adaptable selves in mind.

🌿Sweet Grass will help you with your signs tendency to over analyze. It’s powerful healing effects are known to purify thoughts, negative energies and spaces.


🌾Lavender, a Gemini Herb, will bring a calming energy when smudged. Its exuberant appearance perfectly blends with a Gemini's social and energetic nature.

🤍You can be a little impulsive & because you’re so flexible you can change your mind in a heartbeat. White Roses were chosen to help ground you and bring clarity when making decisions.

Wand of Gemini

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