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✧ Includes Capricorn Stone • Rose Quartz


A burn wand to honour the 10th astrological sign of the zodiac. The Wand of Capricorn was formed specially with your ambitious selves in mind.

🌿Sweet Grass will help you with your signs tendency to overthink. It’s powerful healing effects are known to purify thoughts, negative energies and spaces.

🌾Rosemary, a Capricorn centred herb, will bring a soothing & peaceful energy to your space. It holds the ability to bring you mental clarity and calming energy. 
🤍Capricorns can become stuck in their ways and hold onto the past, so White Roses were chosen to signify your openness for new beginnings. When smudged the sweet scent of rose will bring a loving energy to your space.


Capricorn Sage Wand

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