These Handcrafted necklaces are made with Healing Crystal Beads ✨ Wearing Crystals promotes physical, emotional & spiritual healing by positively interacting with your body's energy field, or chakras!! They hold powerful healing energy that can boost your mood & protect your aura. 🌞


Unakite has a gentle energy that promotes feelings of gratitude and helps one see the beauty in life. It calms the nervous system, particularly during times of anxiety and stress. Unakite works to remove obstacles to one's personal growth, especially releasing any emotional pain, resentment, and anger. Its powerful vibration within the heart chakra can help one develop greater acceptance and love towards themselves and others. It clears blockages within the heart and releases all thought patterns, behaviors, and past hurts that have been holding one back in life.

Unakite - Cosmic Aura Necklace