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The Green Witch Bracelet 🌿🤎🍄🍃 $40

This Bracelet was made with our Green witches in mind ✨🌿 Tigers Eye, Palo Santo, Garnet, Moss Agate & Smoky Quartz beads.

The Green Witch embraces nature by drawing on the energies from the earth & untamed things.🤎

She communes with the land, with stones and gems. She relies on plants, flowers and herbs. She calls to nature for guidance and respects every living being.🌼🍄

The Green Witch understands that the earth incorporates the planet and all living things upon it, including animals, plants, and people. She understands that humanity impacts the natural world , not only by how we treat it but also by the feelings and energies of individuals.

It’s likely the spiritual ancestresses of modern green witches who chose to live apart from the center of community life. Though they may have made their homes on the edge of town, they much would’ve preferred to make their homes in nature.

The Green Witch Bracelet

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