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 Includes Taurus Birthstone•Tigers Eye

A burn wand to honour the 2nd astrological sign of the Zodiac. The wand of ♉️ was made especially for your loveable grounded selves in mind! 🌎

Your planet Venus represents desire and beauty, so Taurus plants encompass gorgeous flowers and enticing fragrances.

🌿Mint, a Taurus specific herb, carries an enticing scent that will bring you instant refreshing and soothing vibes. Smudging purposes include purity, protection & release.

💐A yellow rose was chosen to represent Venus, the plant of love. The colour yellow, an earth tone, signifies our classic Taurus who has both feet on the ground!

Tiger Eye 🐅 gemstones will help our beloved Taurus feel safe and protected. It stimulates inner security and strengthens willpower. Tiger's eye will assist you by providing feelings of support during times of change. This can be very beneficial to our complacent Tauruses. It will bring you understanding and willingness to accept change more freely.


All wands are handcrafted - May differ from photo

Taurus Sage Wand

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