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Pluto is the main planet associated with Nuumite in astrology, indicating healing, transformation, and regeneration. Nuummite is a unique combination of Anthophyllite, a magnesium iron silicate, and Gedrite, a lithium-bearing amphibole. It is found only in Greenland and is very ancient—about three billion years old.

Nuummite helps to overcome the desire to falsely claim powerlessness, confusion and brokenness. It insists that you see clearly your abilities, lending confidence and honouring the Creator through honouring yourself. It encourages you to accept yourself so that you may become whole and effective again.

​Nuummite helps to lift the mood, lift negative thoughts and feelings, calm stray and mixed emotions. This stone is helpful in the protection against " energy vampires ", also against non-human sources that can also pierce the beings auric field and drain off energy that can lead to lethargy and disease.

Nuummite assists people who suffer with depression, stress, negative thought cycles, emotional distress and shock.

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