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Happy Leo Season 🧡🦁🌻

Tag your favourite Leo in the comments!

Leo season will remind you of your POWER ⚡️

Embrace all the beautiful energy that comes with this season! A force of nature is here to connect you back with your hearts truest desires ✨🫶🏼

Leo is a fire sign, making Leo season a time for action, creation, and motion! Leos are loyal beings with huge personalities, they stand out like the sun 🌞

We’ve created these Bracelets to connect leo to their fiery & passionate energy 🔥 made with crystals to help leo embrace their true selves 🧡 these make great gifts or a gift to self. Comes with a meaning card, Tarot card & free gift 🥳

Available online & Instore $27

Leo Crystal Bracelet

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