Iolite deeply stimulates the third eye chakra. It facilitates psychic visions and intuitive insight, and helps one connect with their angels and spirit guides. It is beneficial for psychics and mediums, as well as anyone who is new on their spiritual journey, as it helps them communicate their higher knowing and better understand the messages they are receiving. It is an effective stone for anyone with an overactive mind, as it helps them organize their thoughts and stay in the present moment. It is a powerful ally for anyone working to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors.


Metal: 14k Gold filled ring Gemstone(s): 4x6mm Iolite Cut: Oval cabochon Carat: ~0.48 Setting: Step bezel Ring Band: 1.5mm - 14 GA Grade: AA *Note: All gemstones are natural and untreated, therefore our iolites can sometimes appear darker or lighter than pictured

Iolite Oval Step Bezel 14k Gold Filled Ring