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Rutilated Quartz 🌞

Harness the Energy of your Higher Consciousness ✨👁

Linked with the higher realms. It is thought of as a stone of celestial power, elevating and illuminating the soul, amplifying intention, and enhancing intuition 🌞✨

Golden rutilated quartz, in particular, is said to energise the higher mind and cleanse the aura of negative energy. In fact, it is even believed to enhance telepathic abilities like psychic communication. The intense power of rutilated quartz to ward off negativity makes it popular for use as an antidepressant, warding off fear, anxiety, and self-loathing by nurturing forgiveness.

Clear Quartz amplifys the energy of the other crystals, making this a very powerful manifesting pair

Citrine harness’s the energy of the sun! Positive energy and brings joy into your life

Higher Consciousness Bracelet

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