Enhance psychic visions or empathetic abilities

Sensation of higher spiritual realms

Heightened Awareness and Intuition

Empathy & Selflessness

Energy & Enthusiasm

Elevated Mood & Positive Outlook

Amplification of Positive Emotions

Throat Chakra: Improved Communication & Emotional Intelligence

Heart Charka: Relationship Building, Self Love and Healing, Heightened Experiences of Joy and Love.

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, Future Sight, Introspection, Psychic Ability

Crown Chakra: Higher Spiritual Connections and Expanded Consciousness. Transcendence of Worldly Concerns, Seeking True Fulfillment. Connection to the Universe & Collective Unconscious, Selflessness

Water Energy: Going with the flow while acknowledging our connection to others and the world around us. Better understanding of our role in the lives of others - empathy & emotional intelligence. Encourages freedom of emotional expression, letting go, and moving forward.

Considered a ‘storm’ element crystal

A stone for Libra and water signs.

Hemimorphite Tower