Purple Aura Quartz & Pentagram Layered Necklace

Each of the five points of the star indicate one of the five elements of Spirit, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Elements are a way of describing the properties of everything outside and inside of us. For example, any fluid is primarily of the water element. Anything gaseous would be primarily air element and so on. In this way, the five elements describe essentially everything  
including your mind and emotions.

Purple Aura Quartz Points radiates magic. This Platinum coated pink crystal is a powerful cosmic connector helping you to understand your spiritual purpose. An excellent energy regulator it deflects electromagnetic smog.
Aura crystals are Quartz, enhanced by modern alchemy in a heat-treating technique which electrostatically bonds pure Silver and Platinum to the surface creating a magical opal-like iridescent layer.

Silver Plated chain 22” 33”

Elemental Aura Protection Necklace