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🌊Cancer Crystal Mystery Box ✨🧜🏼‍♀️

Value +$111 🔹 Price $74.44

Includes Crystals to honour the 4th astrological sign of the zodiac • Intuitively chosen! 🌙

Ruled by the Moon, you may find your emotions being pulled a million directions. These stones will bring you instant zen, strengthening your nerves & calming your spirit. Our emotional Cancers will benefit from their calming nature ✨

Keeping it a mystery is part of the fun!

The amount of crystals received in each mystery box is based on their value. You will always receive more than the value you paid for when ordering any type of mystery box from us! 🦋💫

Crystal Palm stone may vary ✨

Available in store ✨ only 4 Available

Cancer Mystery Box

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