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Back to School Crystal Bundle $15 📚✏️✨

For all you star seeds returning to school, we made the perfect crystal bundle for you to take on your journey! 🍎

Crystals can be such a powerful tool to keep you clam, focused & protected during your school year. 🛡

Keep this bundle in your locker or in your school 🎒Even take some out to keep in your pocket!

To really feel their power place the stones on your desk during a test or when studying.

Bundle Includes +$25 worth of stones ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carnelian - Courage, strength, confidence

Rose Quartz - self love, accepting change

Purple Fluorite - mental clarity

Green Fluorite - concentration, focus for studying

Black Onyx - grounding, protection

Amethyst - calming nerves, anxiety

Sodalite - creativity, calmness

Back to School Crystal Bundle

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