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✧ Includes Pisces Stone• Blue Crystal (May Vary)
A burn wand to hour the 12th astrological sign of the zodiac. The wand of Pisces was formed to honour your flowy spirit!

🌾Melissa Lavender was added for its many magical uses, including cleansing & psychic protection. When smudged it will create the energy of happiness and healing, purification, and tranquility. Special thanks to @onearthviva for this locally grown herb ✨

🌿Rosemary will bring soothing & peaceful energy to your space. It can be especially good for Pisces as like all water signs 🌊, emotions can be plentiful. Smudging rosemary will clear your mind and aid you in managing these emotions.

Eucalyptus is recognized as one of Earths earliest herbal healers. It encourages emotional balance. Smudge in a space where you wish to bring upon protection.

Pisces Sage Wand

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