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Anxiety & Stress Relief Bracelet 👼🏼 ✨🤍


These bracelets are made with the intention to support you through anxiety, panic attacks and depression. The soothing energy of the stones provide comfort and support during difficult times. It can reduce stress, encourage self care and assist one in creating inner peace. Handcrafted here at Sacred Realm ✨🤍

Made With ✨

Clear Quartz: Cleanse the aura and stagnant energy

Blue Lace Agate : Soothes anxiety & emits calm vibes to keep one relaedd and gain peace of mind.

Howlite : Calms the overactive mind, of any intrusive thoguhts coming through.

Available in store & on the Realm site ✨🤍

Anxiety & Stress Relief Bracelet

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