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This crystal stardust contains high quality crystals that connect you with your angles & spirit guides ✨

Angels exist in the higher realms and are always trying to connect with us or give us signs they are close by 👼🏼When we are open to receiving and believing in the power of the universe, signs are everywhere ✨🤍🪞

Each scoop may include:

Clear Quartz chips

White Moonstone chips

Aquamarine chips

Rainbow Moonstone chips

Celestite chips

Apatite chips

Rose quartz chips

Rainbow Moonstone tumbles

Aquamarine mini tumbles

Blue calcite Tumbles

Angelite tumbles

Celestite tumbles

Rainbow Moonstone tumbles

Angelite spheres

Aura rose quartz spheres

Clear quartz moons

Angel / Fairy clear Quartz figures

Angel wing charms

Angel Answers Oracle Card

Angelic Realm sticker

Angelic Realm Stardust

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