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Angel Aura Quartz is the rainbow cutting through a storm. This divine crystal is powerful. It is so powerful, in fact, that its energy can be felt by some to the touch. Much like Moldavite, Angel Aura Quartz brings massive amounts of energy to its user through high vibrational frequencies. Its power opens the crown and etheric chakra, channeling joy, clarity, and truth from the divine into your form. Emotionally, those who struggle with mood swings and unstable environments can benefit from Angel Aura Quartz’s alignment of the aura and its surroundings. Due to this angelic connection, this vibrant crystal brings wisdom around your heart’s desires and can guide you down the path of those dreams.


Like a piece of a rainbow, Angel Aura Quartz serves as the reminder of your inner joy. Wear or keep it in your pocket on long days of traveling, working, or during difficult transitions. Your mood can stay light when you take a quick peek at its glorious iridescent color. This Quartz crystal will call in your guides to send signs that all is well. Angels and guides speak through numbers, symbols, and words. Be on the lookout for these little glimpses of hope while carrying Angel Aura Quartz. It is also helpful on a cloudy or rainy day too!

Angel Aura Pearls

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