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Mined in Africa / we worked directly with the crystal miner named Patrick. These were pulled right from the earth and only passed though his hands to ours, making them more pure of their energy

Lemurian Quartz Meaning and Properties: Lemurian Quartz is a highly powerful stone that vibrates with ethereal energy. Many believe it to bridge the gap between Earth and the cosmos. It helps you to tune into your spirituality and to connect with your soul. Some call these stones “Wisdom Keepers” and believe them to be left by the inhabitants of the mythical lost land of Lemuria. Lemurian Quartz clears energy blockages in all of the Chakras. It helps to stimulate new ideas and enhances your wisdom. Lemurian Quartz can connect you to higher knowledge and help you to love your own mind, body, and spirit. It brings serenity and calm to your soul.

Before Atlantis there was Lemuria, an ancient civilization that lends its name to these crystals. Ladder-like striations found on all Lemurian Crystals trace the growth of the crystal and act as a staircase connecting the user to ancient earthly knowledge and the Divine. For this reason, they are called "teaching stones" and are used for healing work and meditation. The smoky variety, which ranges in color from pale tan to dark brown, helps to cleanse and clear negative energies.

Elestial Quartz, also known as Window Quartz, is a type of Quartz with a specific pattern of terminations that flow throughout the face and body of the crystal. Finding a clear Elestial Quartz is rather uncommon, so you will more often than not see it.

Elestial Quartz acts as a window into the spiritual world, linking our conscious body and spiritual mind to the universe. This stone acts as a hyperspeed portal, quickly opening your third eye to a higher dimension. Due to this stone being a Quartz variety, our chakra system has a natural tendency to realign itself back into harmony. This harmonious vibration quickens the activation of our spiritual connection and allows one to intercept higher vibrational messages. The natural enhancing power of this Elestial Quartz makes it that much more powerful. For beginners, we recommend balancing this stone's powerful energy with a grounding crystal such as Garnet or Hematite.

How to Use:

Once your new crystal arrives, we suggest cleansing and charging it before you begin using it for meditation, manifestation, or other practices. You never know who has handled your crystal on its journey from where it was harvested to you. Cleansing and charging your crystal ensures that it is ready for you to use however you wish.

One of the most popular ways to use crystals of all shapes is by placing them around your home or workspace. You can also carry them with you in a pocket or purse, or wear them as jewelry.

One of the most versatile crystal shapes is the point. Crystal points are usually tapered and can be used for directing energy. You can use a pointed crystal to focus your intention during meditation or to draw energy toward you. For example, if you're feeling overwhelmed, you can hold a Clear Quartz point in your hand and visualize yourself becoming more centered and focused. Both points and towers are great additions to crystal grids.

AA Grade Elestial Lemurian Quartz Point

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