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Mined in Africa / we worked directly with the crystal miner named Patrick. These were pulled right from the earth and only passed though his hands to ours, making them more pure of their energy

Elestial Quartz, also known as Window Quartz, is a type of Quartz with a specific pattern of terminations that flow throughout the face and body of the crystal. Finding a clear Elestial Quartz is rather uncommon, so you will more often than not see it.

Elestial Quartz acts as a window into the spiritual world, linking our conscious body and spiritual mind to the universe. This stone acts as a hyperspeed portal, quickly opening your third eye to a higher dimension. Due to this stone being a Quartz variety, our chakra system has a natural tendency to realign itself back into harmony. This harmonious vibration quickens the activation of our spiritual connection and allows one to intercept higher vibrational messages. The natural enhancing power of this Elestial Quartz makes it that much more powerful. For beginners, we recommend balancing this stone's powerful energy with a grounding crystal such as Garnet or Hematite.

This mineral's extremely high vibrations will captivate you the moment you lay your eyes on it. The knowledge encased in this stone is here to assist you in your ancient origin search. Meditating with this piece will link your third eye to a vast library of knowledge and history. Elestial Quartz can provide insight into our past lives and the events that shaped us. Only when we learn from these events can we truly move on from them. This crystal's repeating faces remind us of an infinite multi-verse of repeating opportunities and outcomes that we may experience. Elestial Quartz helps guide us through this labyrinth of information so that we can come out as a better and stronger-willed person on the other side.

AA Grade Elestial Quartz Point

C$55.00 Regular Price
C$46.75Sale Price
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